National professional qualifications 2017-2022

NPQ Assessments (July - Sept 2021)

Participants that have booked and are submitting for final assessment 15th July to 02nd Sept 2021 (12 noon)

The final assessment for all NPQs provided by Learners First is undertaken by external specialist assessors, NPQ Online and moderated by the Tribal Group on behalf of the Department for Education.

For those participants that have booked their assessment for the summer 2021 please note that final assessment submissions can be uploaded at anytime from Thursday 15th July to Thursday 02nd September 2021 (no later than 12 noon).

All participants MUST have pre-booked their assessment window.

Please refer to the following  guidance to help you with your submission on the NPQOnline portal. 

Should you require support on uploading your assessment to the NPQOnline portal please email:

  • NPQ Online

  • LFSP Contact

    Lisa Hesling

  • Email

  • Tel

    01709 731278 (limited availability during school summer holidays)

  • Summer holidays availability

    Telephone support will be available on: Tuesday, 24th August and Thursday 26th August during the school summer holidays

Assessment Forms and Covid Flexibilities

The Department for Education has put in place flexibilities to ensure that NPQ participants are not disadvantaged because of the impact of COVID-19 on schools. If due to current restrictions, you are unable to obtain or access current data due to the cancellation of exams including SATs and GCSEs in academic years 19/20 and 20/21 and this impacted on your project(s), then Assessment Form 2 which includes provision for COVID flexibilities should be used. This is designed to ensure participants can use a range of alternative data sources to successfully complete their assessment projects.

If the above does not apply, please continue to use the latest version of Form 1 as provided at your induction.

Quality Assurance of NPQs (2017-2022)

Performance Review of Learners First NPQ provision

An external Performance Review of the Learners First NPQ provision was conducted by the Tribal Group on behalf of the Department for Education on 7th & 8th December 2020.

The review was conducted in accordance with the DfE’s NPQ Quality Framework and examined leadership and governance of the programme, participant recruitment, engagement and support, and the design and delivery of all NPQ courses including support for assessment.

The review found that in most areas of the Quality Framework, Learners First provision ‘exceeded expectations’ scoring 9 out of a possible 10 marks. Highlighted strengths included:-

  • The well-established network of experienced current school leaders and specialists ensured the NPQ programme content remained relevant with bespoke case-studies supplementing the high-quality content.
  • The continuous review and refinement of programme content by those who deliver programmes supports participants effectively.
  • Oversight and strategic direction ensures programmes continually improve participants’ leadership development.
  • The broad framework in which NPQs form part of a continuum of leadership development.
  • Strong collaborative and inclusive partnerships enable Learners First to reach a broad and contextually diverse number of schools, often in challenging areas.
  • Well-managed resources and effective risk-management that secure future delivery of NPQ programmes. This includes innovative arrangements to enable participants to catch up on programme content missed due to Covid-19 to ensure programme completion by close of the DfE current contract.

How are the NPQs quality assured?

The DfE accredits a range of providers to design, deliver, and assess the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). To ensure that a participant’s NPQ is accessible, high quality, and nationally consistent, providers’ provision must meet the requirements of the NPQ quality framework. The quality framework sets out the requirements that all those accredited to deliver NPQs are required to meet and maintain.

The DfE NPQ quality framework is available to download here together with the latest report on the performance of Learners First against the framework. The report is independently produced by the DfE’s quality assurance agent, Tribal.

NPQ Privacy Notice

This privacy notice applies to all NPQ applicants with Learners First Schools Partnership Ltd and forms part of the application documentation. In applying for a place on the National Professional Qualification (NPQ) programmes (NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH, NPQEL) all applicants are required to agree to the collection and sharing of personal data with the Department for Education (DfE). Further details regarding the purpose of data collection, usage and analysis is provided in the attached document.

Malpractice and misconduct

All applicants for NPQ programmes with Learners First are advised to familarise themselves with the policy and procedure for dealing with incidents of malpractice. The policy is available for download below.

Complaints Policy

All complaints related to the NPQ programmes with Learners First will be addressed in accordance with the policy and procedure set out and available for download below.

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