• Are you (or do you know someone who is) currently studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing or Modern Foreign
    Languages at University as an undergraduate?
  • Would you like to earn £900 in the summer whilst gaining some valuable work experience?
  • Are you a school leader looking to support graduates train to teach in the core subjects?

If so, the DfE funded internship programme may be for you!

We are pleased to announce Learners First are offering the internship programme again in 2024 with new subjects added to the programme!

The Internship programme is fully funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and allows undergraduates the opportunity to access
secondary school settings for 3 weeks to gain an insight into teaching within the secondary schools setting in your specific subject.

The internship programme will run for 3 weeks in June, commencing on the 10th June.

Applications are now open to all undergraduate students who are interested in teaching Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computing and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) in secondary schools. These placements will take place in one of our partner schools in various locations in and around South Yorkshire and the East Midlands

The internship programme offers an insight to individuals into the teaching of STEM subjects and languages. You will be given the opportunity to team teach and co plan with experts in the field. During your 3-week placement you will be assigned to a mentor who will be able to answer any questions you may have whilst being in the setting. The programme offers you a chance to gain a deeper understanding of teaching prior to your journey into the field.

Throughout your time in school you will be guided through the 3 weeks looking at different areas of practice. The programme will follow the below structure.

Week 1 – ‘A Day in the life of’

This is designed to provide an opportunity to spend structured time in school life.

Week 2 – Classroom experience

Modelled on the structure of the ITT placement this will give you the opportunity to participate and contribute to classroom experiences.

Week 3 – Leading an initiative

This can then be used in your future career/ITT year. 

From your first day in school you will be given the opportunity to spend structured time with a range of subject specialists and be given the opportunity to experience wider school life, being given time to discuss what teaching means to individual stakeholders in the setting and to gain a wider overview of senior leadership, including young leaders. Throughout your time you will be given the chance to shadow and observe our expert colleagues with the chance for discussion on the changing landscape of education.

As you further develop through your time in school you will be given the opportunity for a more concentrated week in class which will be modelled on the structure of our Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programme. You will be given the opportunity to participate in classroom activities and contribute to teaching and learning through team-teaching and co-planning. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with planning, as a key tool for teacher training whilst also having full support there to guide you throughout your planning and delivery. Learners First will provide all interns with an overview handbook and training plan to guide you through this with activities and top tips for learning.

The programme will allow for wider development into the different parts of school life such as extra curricula activities alongside any experiences beyond school which may be relevant to your subject.


Participant eligibility

Subject eligibility and degree subject

Any undergraduate looking to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, computing or languages may participate on the Internship programme in 2024. The programme aims to attract high quality STEM and Language undergraduates looking to ‘Get into Teaching’.

Stage of degree

STEM undergraduates at any stage within their degree may participate in the Teaching Internships Programme across England.

Those who already have a confirmed ITT place are not eligible for the programme. This also applies to PhD students and career changers. However, mature students on an undergraduate degree course (either full or part time) are eligible.

Both Industry Year and Part-time applicants are eligible to apply for the Teaching Internships 2024 programme.

Students within UK and outside England

Undergraduates who are domiciled in Wales/Scotland or Northern Ireland can take part in the programme, but interns must be considering training to teach in England.

International students

Overseas students studying in the UK can take part, but interns must be considering training to teach in England. There may be some restrictions on some overseas students participating.

*On successful completion, eligible interns will be paid £300 per week to take part in the Internship programme.


Next Steps

If you are ready to submit your application please follow the link below.

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for the programme or would just like to receive further information then click the button below to submit your expression of interest for the programme.

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What post programme support is available?

After successful completion of the internship programme, Learners First will offer interns support through their ITT application made to us.

We will also offer a guaranteed interview for those who meet the minimum criteria for Initial Teacher Training.

By completing the programme this will give interns an insight for what to expect for their ITT year, Learners First will ensure to provide all the documentation needed to familiarise interns with wording and processes for the ITT year to ensure a strong start for September.