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The Writing Project

ONLINE Information & Briefing Session (Zoom)

4.00PM - 5.50pm, 14th September 2021

Following the huge success of the 2020/21 writing projects, Learners First is delighted to offer two newly revised opportunities designed to support improvements in pupils’ writing in Years 2 & 3 and Years 5 & 6.

The impact on children’s learning and wellbeing following global events over the last 18 months is well documented. Sadly, these are likely to have far reaching consequences into the future, particularly for vulnerable children and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Following the transition from remote education back to the classroom, many school leaders told us that writing had emerged as a key priority for many children. This was echoed in Ofsted’s briefing report (Oct 2020) which noted that school leaders had spoken about the “need to work on pupils’ writing, including their ‘stamina’ when writing at length’” to recover some of the opportunities children had missed to “practise their writing style and posture’ during the first national lockdown”.

During spring 2021, Learners First worked with the experienced and extremely skilled and knowledgeable leaders at Humberstone Academy, winners of the UK’s Literacy School Of The Year, to introduce two school-led writing programmes to over 130 teachers from more than 40 different schools. The feedback, and tangible impact, of this work has been extremely positive and ongoing participant evaluation has been used to further refine and revise the content. The two newly revised programmes will commence in the autumn term to help further support schools to address both gaps in pupils’ writing and the disadvantage attainment gap to help ensure children have the best opportunities to reach their full potential.

Further details are included in the flyer attached.


The information session is free of charge.

Each programme is £830 per school (no restrictions on the number of staff who can engage per programme). These costs are met in full for subscribers to Learners First Schools Partnership.

Creating Cognitively Challenging Learning Experiences for More Able Children and Young People

Making Space for More Able Learners through Curriculum and Pedagogy


THURSDAY, 23RD SEPTEMBER 2021 (9.00 - 11.00 AM)

An interactive and engaging session with Christobel Shepherd, Executive Headteacher at Bradford Exceed Academies Trust and NACE Challenge and Curriculum Development Director.

A traditional approach to curriculum builds upon content to be delivered and potential activities which facilitate this. In schools which have successfully developed cognitively challenging learning experiences, we found that curriculum always began from the point of view of the pupil.

  • What does the pupil already know?
  • What does the pupil need to know?
  • What does the pupil have the potential to learn?
  • What are the pupil’s previous learning experiences?
  • What personal, school, or external factors might impact on the pupil’s ability to learn or approach to learning?

This session examines the ways in which curriculum planning and classroom organisation and management are driven by pedagogical principles and pupils’ needs. Within the session there will be some discussion of pedagogical or instructional models which can be tailored to the environment. Within the cognitively challenging classroom there is a significant dependency on rich language, oracy, dialogic discourse and questioning. The session will identify some areas where teachers might seek to extend or refine current practice to achieve greater engagement, enjoyment and improved cognition. Once you have registered, we will provide you with access to the research that underpins the session.

The cost of this seminar is fully funded for delegates from schools/academies subscribing to Learners First. For all other delegates, the cost is £50 per person.

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