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NEW! The 2023/24 Learners First Subscription offer

The subscription offer is a great way for schools, academies and MATs to connect with the work of Learners First and engage with the opportunities offered through the wider partnership. Although it is designed to offer exceptional value for money, we see the subscription as far more than a transactional arrangement; the additionality, connectivity, wider opportunities and mutual benefits the partnership offers through the subscription goes far beyond any typical service or business offer. The model also allows the partnership to reinvest resource and finance back into the school system where it can have a greater impact on children and young people.  


The 2023/24 subscription offer incorporates a wealth of CPD, leadership and networking opportunities and, in line with feedback from school and trust leaders, reflects some new ways of working which sees a number of new opportunities and brings national expertise into the local partnership. We are very excited by the connectivity and invaluable insights this work will bring from which we know schools, MATs and the partnership as a whole will benefit immensely.


To find out more about the subscription offer and how your school, academy or MAT may benefit please click on the link below.

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Welcome to Learners First

Established in 2012, Learners First is an independent, not-for-profit, school-led organisation governed by serving school leaders. It is built on a mature model of partnership and collaboration. We work with a range of partners within and beyond the sector to ensure our work meets the above aims. Our work is focused on three core, interdependent areas:

  • Leadership Development and Transformation
  • Teaching & Curriculum Excellence
  • Governance Development


Overall, the partnership aims to add real and significant value to the endeavours of individual schools, academies and MATs, beyond that which any individual entity could achieve alone.

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Leadership programmes and experiences for all members of the school/Trust workforce including the National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)


A professional development programme designed to reflect the challenges teachers face in the early stages of their careers.


One of 34 DfE designated English Hubs supporting schools to improve the teaching of phonics, early language and reading.


Do you have a passion for teaching? Train to teach with Learners First following one of our accredited primary, secondary or specialist training routes.


Supporting confident, strategic leadership and robust accountability, oversight and assurance for educational and financial performance in schools and trusts.


Access to evidence based professional development opportunities for teachers, led by specialists with the aim of having a significant impact on pupil progress and achievement.

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